In 2009 the city of Gothenburg banned the performance of live music on Kungsportsavenyn, the city’s central avenue. One frequently cited argument was concern over store employees’ exposure to repetitive music from buskers. Although massive protests soon caused the city to back down on the policy, as of August 17th 2011 the ban has still not been fully lifted.

Music For The Statues of Gothenburg, a piece written for three statues along Kungsportsavenyn, was inspired by these events. It is an observation on the sonic landscape of the city and a question about the usage rights of the public space.

Using contact microphones and multi-track recording the statues Kopparmärra, Bältesspännarna and Poseidon were temporarily transformed from visual landmarks to reverberant membranes. The microphones captured more than the music on the score; passersby, trams and busses also sent vibrations through the statues. Listen closely and you will hear the city.

Music For The Statues Of Gothenburg was written by Andreas Bygdell and performed by Martin Molin.

Note: care was taken to ensure that no harm came to the statues during the recording.


Performed by Martin Molin
Composed and Produced by Andreas Bygdell

Director of Photography: Simon Berg
Camera Operator: Richard Wikström
First Assistant Camera: Patrik Lindkvist
Utility Sound Technician: Lotta Johansson
Film Editor: Andreas Bygdell
Sound Designer: Andreas Bygdell
Post production: Vemod AB

Andreas Bygdell & Martin Molin
Music For The Statues Of Gothenburg

Release date: May 21st 2012
Catalogue Number: FEL001
Format: Video & Digital Download

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